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hợp âm chia ở tone [G]
[G]I can [C]show you the [G]world
Shining, [C]shimmering, [Em]splen- [D]did
[Am]Tell me, [B7]princess, now [Em]when did
You last [C]let your heart de- [G]cide?
[G]I can [C]open your [G]eyes
[G]Take you [C]wonder by [Em]won- [D]der
[Am]Over, [B7]sideways and [Em]under
On a [C]magic carpet [G]ride
Chorus 1: [C]A whole new [D]world
[C]A new fan- [D]tastic point of [G]view
No one to [C]tell us [G]no
Or [C]where to [G]go
Or [Em]say we're [A7]only dream- [D7]ing
[C]A whole new [D]world
[C]A dazzling [D]place I never [Em]knew
[G7]But when I'm [C]way up [G]here
It's [C]crystal [G]clear
That [Em]now I'm [A7]in a [F]whole new [D7]world with [G]you
(lên 3/2 cung)
[Bb]Unbe- [Eb]lievable [Bb]sights
Indescribable [Eb]feel- [F]ing
[Cm]Soaring, [D7]tumbling, free – [Gm]wheeling
Through an [Eb]endless diamond [Bb]sky
Chorus 2: [Eb]A whole new [F]world
(Don't you dare close your [Bb]eyes)
A [Eb]hundred [F]thousand things to [Bb]see
(Hold your breath - it gets better)
I'm like a [Eb]shooting [Bb]star
I've [Eb]come so [Bb]far
[Gm]I can't go [C7]back to [F7]where I used to [F]be
[Eb]A whole new [F]world
(Every turn a sur- [Bb]prise)
[Eb]With new ho- [F]rizons to pur- [Gm]sue
(Every moment red-letter)
[Bb7]I'll chase them [Eb]any- [Bb]where
There's [Eb]time to [Bb]spare
[Gm]Let me [Eb]share this [Cm]whole new [F]world with [Bb]you
A [Eb]whole new [F]world
That's [Eb]where [F]we'll be
A [Eb]thrilling [F]chase
A [Eb]wondrous [F]place
For [F7]you and [Bb]me

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